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The EA-Bazooka antenna, DBZ80 and DBZ40


The two Bazooka antennas (DBZ80) and (DBZ40) was hung here in North / South direction as an inverted V, on my Versatower in about 10 meters at the feed point. The legs are braced at an angle of approx. 110 degrees, 6 meters and 8 meters above the ground. EU and DX connections are therefore also possible on the 80/40 meter band without major problems!

    Model: DBZ80

  1. Frequency range: 3.500-3.800 kHz
  2. VSWR: better 1.2~2.7:1
  3. Transmission power: 2 kW PEP
  4. Length: 41.6 meter
  5. Weight: 1.6 kg

    Model: DBZ40

  1. Frequency range: 7.000-7.200 kHz
  2. VSWR: better 1.1~1.5:1
  3. Transmission power: 4 kW PEP
  4. Length: 21.1 Meter
  5. Weight: 0.9 kg

The construction of a double bazooka antenna...


Important QSL Information!

1. I prefer electronic forms like LoTW.
2. QSL cards are OK, prefer via Clublog.
3. All incoming QSL cards (including SWL) are confirmed!
4. QSL card directly! ONLY with a SAE and 3 USD! Otherwise I send the QSL via the bureau!
5. I'm not making a HRD/QRZ log and eqsl, please don't ask!

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