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The EA-Bazooka antenna, DBZ80 and DBZ40


The Bazooka antennas (DBZ40) were hung in the east / west direction by the Versatower at around 16 meters. Then this is braced to an auxiliary mast (5 meters) to the west. EU and DX contacts are possible without major problems (first QSO's with VK, JA, YB, etc.)! If possible I will also install the DBZ80 antenna before winter. You can see the VSWR diagram at the bottom of the page!

    Model: DBZ80

  1. Frequency range: 3.500-3.800 kHz
  2. VSWR: better 1.2~2.7:1
  3. Transmission power: 2 kW PEP
  4. Length: 41.6 meter
  5. Weight: 1.6 kg

    Model: DBZ40

  1. Frequency range: 7.000-7.200 kHz
  2. VSWR: better 1.1~1.5:1
  3. Transmission power: 4 kW PEP
  4. Length: 21.1 Meter
  5. Weight: 0.9 kg

The construction of a double bazooka antenna...


The VSWR diagram from my DBZ40 ...


Important QSL Information!

1. I prefer electronic forms like LoTW.
2. QSL cards are OK, prefer via Clublog.
3. All incoming QSL cards (including SWL) are confirmed!
4. QSL card directly! ONLY with a SAE and 3 USD! Otherwise I send the QSL via the bureau!
5. I'm not making a HRD/QRZ log and eqsl, please don't ask!

Read the information on the "Home" page first!

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