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On air with a T2FT broadband antenna on shortwave...

My experience with this antenna ... It has very good reception properties even when the antenna height is not so optimal. On the transmission side, the T2FT antenna gives quite good results, even with a relatively small footprint. But you should note that every meter up brings a better radiation! Compared to QRM at the location, this is by far the best choice! My recommendation for radio data transmission with low power, and for telegraphy and voice with greater 250 watts! For OM's that only want to make radio traffic, preferably portable operation, from DL, HB9 or OE with stations in these countries, this is definitely a good choice. No extra antenna tuner is required! The antenna was also tested here with 1kW PEP and numerous QSO's in SSB, the response of the OM's ... like a radio station, great and very loud signal!

More information on the manufacturer's website from DANNEX HF-EQUIPMENT - SWEDEN




The T2FT-antenna with steel mast (left), 5 meters and right 10 meters high!

Technical specifications ...

  Model FRA1530   T2FT according to MIL standard ∗∗
  Frequency range (MHz)   1.8-30
  VSWR   < 2.2:1
  Transmission power (watt)   *1000 CW/SSB 250 RTTY cont.
  Antenna length (m)   30,0
  Wire spacing (m)   0,77
  Wire strength (mm2)   4
  Connection socket   PL standard
  Weight (kg)   3.7 (with modification)
  Color   olive green (military)

∗ Nominal output according to ICAS standard (Intermittent Commercial and Amateur Service)


The T2FT-antenna on the steel mast about 5 meters above ground...


... and the feed at a height of about 7 meters.

Important QSL Information!

1. I prefer electronic forms like LoTW.
2. QSL cards are OK, prefer via Clublog.
3. All incoming QSL cards (including SWL) are confirmed!
4. QSL card directly! ONLY with a SAE and 3 USD! Otherwise I send the QSL via the bureau!
5. I'm not making a HRD/QRZ log and eqsl, please don't ask!

Read the information on the "Home" page first!

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