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Current news to the station, operation and maintenance, etc.


The T/R-switch for the SDR, RSPduo, goes into practical use. This enables me to operate the SDR, the Icom IC-7400 and the OM2000plus, on only one antenna! Even at a transmitting power of more than 1000 watts, the transmitting signal at the antenna input of the RSPduo is at a maximum of 65 dbµV or better −42 dBm !!!


Since May 6th, 2021, I ONLY use the cloud platform, HAMLOG, for the eQSL exchange. I will not use any other platforms! Please don't ask!


Since 2 nights, again very strong aurora, here at the location. An impressive spectacle! Duration around 1 hour each! More pictures in the rubric "Location"

Aurora 2021-04-18 01:13 Uhr


After many attempts and numerous tests, I unfortunately have to find out today that radio operation via QO100 from my location is not possible with the transmission power available to me. I am therefore ending the QO100 uplink project. If you are interested in a Kuhne MKU UPConverter 2424B. Please send me an email. Invoice available and warranty 2 years (11/2022)! SOLD!



The first stage is done ... From today on reception via QO-100 satellites with a 90cm SAT dish from Kathrein and a modified universal quad LNB from DJ4ZZ. I'm curious to see how the LNB will perform in the extreme temperatures.

QO-100-2020-08-16-193433.png    QO-100-20200816_162527.jpg


Since today first tests with the new RSPduo on shortwave...

More information can be found here!


Due to the bad weather conditions, with heavy rain, I finally have time today to optimize the double bazooka antenna (DBZ40). The DBZ40 is now attached directly to the antenna mast (BP60), about 16 meters above the ground and now runs westwards to an auxiliary mast (5 meters). After the first tests, the efficiency and the radiation diagram have noticeably improved, which can be seen in the availability when calling DX stations. It remains to be seen whether there has also been an improvement in radio traffic in the direction of DL. I really hope so! So we are waiting for better conditions for further tests.

Until then, GDX!

Current pictures will follow in the section Radiostation - Double Bazooka !!!



The annual maintenance work is again in the period from 05. - July 12th, 2020 on the antenna system and the Versatower BP60.


Something on our own account... The current costs for QSL cards and their dispatch via Bureau 1000 pieces currently amount to approx. 100€! In addition, there are various costs for DX stations and their QSL cards and postage of around 150 USD for shipping per year! For all this QSO's I will no send a QSL cards for digital modes as FT4, FT8, PSKxx, DSSTV, etc., only for RTTY, CW and SSB QSOs , send I my qsl card to EU stations. I confirm only all these QSOs via the LoTW. Only DX stations and SWLs will continue to receive their QSL cards via the bureau or directly! Please read all the details on my start page!
Please understand!
'73 es hpe cuagn ...


Amateur radio extreme ... DXpedition from Scarborough Reef in May 1997...
QSL Karte von BS7H


I often get the question ... Is it worth uploading to the LoTW? Yes, I I'm thrilled. As of 05/2020, QSO's since 2009 in LoTW 76%! The return on paper QSL cards is around 42%! I hope to have answered all the questions..
'73 and cuagn ...


Finally again the first QSO's with SP5ENA and SP5MXL, on 6m! I hope there will be more ... ;-)


Sudden onset of winter with 15cm fresh snow! Very unusual, the first time in the middle of May, since 2009!


Extreme amateur radio ... DXpedition (30.05.-02.06.1976) from Okino Tori Shima Atoll (engl. „Douglas Reef“)... now JD1 (Ogasawara)
In the end, the logbook contained around 9000 QSOs in 100 DXCC countries!

QSL Karte von 7J1RL...
(Mehr Informationen zur Station bei JA2KOW und auf Wikipedia)


QSO upload daily now also to the LoTW.


Change from the old Ham Radio Deluxe Version 5.0 and Windows 7 to HRD Version 6.7.0.xxx and Windows 10 64-bit


QRV again with OM-Power HF amplifier OM2000plus and a maximum of 1000 watts.


Note RF transmission power!!!

Since 2019 there has been a limit to the maximum transmission power in Sweden to 200 watts PEP. You can apply for a transmission power of 1000 watt PEP (for my location) from the Swedish Post and Telecommunications Authority (PTS). My approval number is: 100977


QSO upload automatically to Clublog!


The website SA2BFO.COM has now been optimized with a new layout for use with mobile phones, tablets or computers up to resolution in Full HD!


The website SA2BFO.COM is now running from my private server. Internet connection via fiber optic 100/100 MBits

Important QSL Information!

1. Electronic forms, only via the LoTW!
2. eQSL, only via HAMLOG online cloud!
3. Received QSL via the bureau, also SWL, are confirmed!
4. QSL card direct! ONLY with a SAE and 3 USD! Otherwise, I send the QSL via bureau!
5. I do not accept any other online platform! Please don't ask!

NEW! QSL card direct via PayPal...

Order your QSL card securely and directly ONLY via Paypal for 3.50 USD! Don't forget your callsign, QSO date and your address!

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