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RSPduo (Dual Tuner SDR)...


Technical specifications

  1. Model: RSPduo (2 Tuners)
  2. Frequency Range: 1kHz−2GHz
  3. Ant. Coax Port: SMA
  4. Ant. Impedance: 50 Ohm
  5. Input power: ±0dBm cont. / +10dBm short periods
  6. USB−Connector: USB Type B
  7. ADC Sample frequency: 2MSPS − 10.66MSPS
  8. Bias−T: 4.7 V / 100 mA
  9. Reference: High temp stability 0.5ppm / 24MHz TCXO
  10. Low Current: Single tuner 185mA / Dual tuners 320mA
  11. Working temperature range: −10°C (14°F) bis +60°C (140°F)
  12. Size: W85 x H30mm x D95mm (3.346 x 1.181 x 3.740 in)
  13. Weight: 110g (3.88 oz)

The SDRplay (RSPduo) is a dual tuner, broadband SDR, which receives all frequencies from 1 kHz to 2GHz. It is particularly interesting that a frequency range of up to 10MHz can be displayed and thus does not lose track of the tape. Certainly very interesting at the contest to locate new stations faster.

The RSPduo has 2 antenna inputs (SMA sockets) in 50 Ohm technology. A third high-resistance antenna input (sym./unsym.) Is also available, for example to receive stations in the LW/MW/KW range with a simple wire.

The high sensitivity of the RSPduo shows no differences when receiving with the ICOM IC-7400.

In the evenings I could not find any intermodulations or other problems with very strong shortwave stations, sometimes with signals of over 59 + 40db. In my view, the dynamic range of the RSPduo is excellent!

As software, I only use the SDR Console V3, which seems very tidy and functional to me.

Finally, I would like to briefly mention that the RSPduo also has a reference I/O, which allows, for example, synchronization via GPS signal or the synchronization of other RSP devices.

All that is required for operation is a PC and an antenna. The excellent functionality of this really good communication receiver convinced me.

For everyone who has been using an SDR stick so far, it should be said that this SDR is absolutely not comparable! Test it yourself!

RSPduo (Dual Tuner SDR)...

    The Hardware...

  1. Dual tuner from 1kHz to 2GHz (seamless)
  2. 14−bit−ADC technology
  3. Excellent dynamic range
  4. Up to 10MHz visible bandwidth (single tuner mode) or 2x 2 MHz spectrum (dual tuner mode)
  5. 3 software-selectable antenna connections (2 x 50Ω) / (1 x 1kΩ sym./unsym.)
  6. High impedance antenna connection (1 kHz to 30MHz) with selectable MW−notch filter and 2 preset filters for selection.
  7. Software selectable AM/FM and DAB broadcast filters for the 2 SMA antenna ports (1kHz to 2GHz)
  8. 11 highly selective, built−in front−end preselection filters on the two SMA antenna ports
  9. Software selectable multi-stage low noise preamplifier
  10. Bias−T power supply for the supply of LNA antenna mounting
  11. External clock input and output enables simple synchronization to multiple RSPs or external reference clock
  12. Power supply via the USB cable, type B−socket
  13. Robust, black painted steel housing.
  14. What is possible ...

  15. Simultaneous reception on two completely independent 2 MHz windows between 1kHz and 2GHz
  16. Simultaneous processing of 2 antennas enables direction finding and diversity reception
  17. Cross−band full duplex reception, e.g. HF + VHF or VHF + UHF
  18. Receive, monitor and record up to 10MHz spectrum simultaneously
  19. External clock input for connection to the GPS reference clock
  20. EXTIO−based SDR software
  21. Calibrated S−Meter/HF−power and SNR−measurement
  22. Record data in .CSV file on PC
  23. Via Software Console V3, voice recorder (WAV/MP3) and recording on PC
  24. Very important for me...

  25. Always up−to−date and secure software!
  26. Excellent technical support via SDRPLAY

Block diagram...


QRV at 80m


QRV at 60m


QRV at 40m


QRV at 30m


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